There can be many different Calamine Lotion uses, including conditions that cause itchy skin including:

  • Reactions to poisonous planets, such as poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac
  • Insect bites
  • Chickenpox
  • Shingles
  • Swimmers itch
  • Scabies
  • Chigger bites
  • Minor burns


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BELLS CALAMINE LOTION UsesThere can be many different Calamine Lotion uses, including conditions that cause itchy skin including:
  • Reactions to poisonous planets, such as poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac
  • Insect bites
  • Chickenpox
  • Shingles
  • Swimmers itch
  • Scabies
  • Chigger bites
  • Minor burns


Bells Calamine Lotion is known as mild astringent and antiseptic. It relieves the symptoms of mild sunburn and minor skin conditions.

Calamine Lotion contains two active ingredients called calamine and zinc oxide and they work together to both provide an antiseptic effect to prevent infection at the same time as cooling and soothing the skin that is irritated.

Once applied to the skin, Calamine Lotion evaporates and produces a cooling effect that helps distract you from the annoying itch that you may be experiencing.  Calamine Lotion can help relieve sunburn and has been used for many years to relieve the itch and dry out oozing skin caused by chickenpox.

Calamine Lotion For Chicken Pox

Chickenpox is caused by the varicella-zoster virus and is very contagious. It causes itchy skin and a blistering rash. The rash first appears on the chest, back, and face but can spread across your whole body causing up to 500 small blisters.

You can use Calamine Lotion For Chicken Pox when itching and irritation of the skin are symptoms but you should remember that using Calamine Lotion For Chicken Pox will not cure the virus that’s causing it in the first place.

There are other things you can do to help at home that may help the recovery process of chickenpox, this includes:

  • Drink plenty of clear fluids
  • Taking pain relief such as paracetamol
  • Putting socks on your child’s hands at night to stop them from scratching
  • Using an antihistamine medicine such as Phenergan to help to itch
    • Bathing in cool water and patting the skin dry

    You should remember to not use ibuprofen if you or your child is suffering from chickenpox, as this can cause skin infections.

    Calamine Lotion For Shingles

    You can use Calamine Lotion for shingles with the smooth, cool, and soothing Calamine balm. It’s typically used to treat the skin irritation that occurs due to shingles but will not cure the underlying cause. Antiviral medicines are usually prescribed by a GP to help shorten the length and prevent it from becoming severe.

    Using pain relief tablets such as Ibuprofen during a shingles outbreak should be avoided due to the increased risk of a skin infection.

    If you’re unsure about using Calamine Lotion for shingles please speak to your doctor or pharmacist before using it. They may be able to provide further information and alternative treatments.

  • Calamine Lotion For Heat Rash

    One of the many different questions we see online relating to Calamine lotion is “Can you use Calamine lotion for heat rash?”

    Heat rash is common in hot climates and can be uncomfortable, but is usually harmless. After a few days it should start to get better on its own. Heat rash can be identified via:

    • Small, raised spots
    • An itchy, prickly feeling
    • Mild swelling

    The rash isn’t transmissible and can appear anywhere and spread anywhere on the body. As well as using Calamine Lotion for heat rash there are other things you can do to help speed up recovery, including:

    • Avoiding dehydration
    • Wear loose clothing
    • Use cool water when showering
    • Use lightweight bedding

    Calamine lotion for heat rash is intended to only reduce and soothe the itchiness caused by heat rash. It will not clear the rash, which will most likely happen by itself.

  • Calamine Lotion For Sunburn

    Using Calamine Lotion For Sunburn can be helpful in many ways, it can relieved the itching and peeling of the skin while providing a cooling sensation as it is applied to the skin and left to dry.

    If you are using Calamine Lotion For Sunburn, you should remember to visit your doctor if your sunburn is severe, blisters or covers a large part of your body.

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Most people will not have problems, but some may get some of these:

Skin rash, red or itchy skin (allergic reaction)
Skin irritation
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Calamine 15%w/v and zinc oxide 5%w/v


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