Stocking applicator

Are you struggling to wear socks, stockings and compression hosiery? Using Stocking applicator enables effortless and pain-free application of compression stockings for both patients and carers.

Apply your socks and compression hosiery quick and easily with stocking applicator.


Activa ActiGlide Stocking Applicator

Original price was: £28.90.Current price is: £21.50.

Activa ActiGlide Stocking Applicator1
  • Simple & Easy To use stocking application
  • Use with everyday tights and socks
  • Use with leg and arm compression hosiery
  • Suitable for tights, socks, knee, and thigh-length compression hosiery and arm sleeves.
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Original price was: £28.90.Current price is: £21.50.

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