Burns Cream


Burns cream provides an effective skin cream you can buy for the treatment of minor burns and scalds, scratches, cuts and abrasion. Burns cream will help to soothe and relieve your skin after sunburn, a burn or scald and can prevent infection of the skin.

Abilar 10% Resin Salve, 20g3 , ,
  • For professional use of infected and uninfected, acute and chronic wounds, pressure sores, diabetic wounds, leg ulcers, complicated surgical wounds, burn wounds, etc.
  • For home use in the treatment of scratches, abrasions, smaller burns, traumatic wounds, inflamed wounds etc.
  • Confirmed effectiveness by in vitro and in vivo clinical research methods
  • Enables the wound to heal as quickly as possible
  • Antibacterial and antifungal activity against the bacteria which usually cause wound infection
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Acriflex Antiseptic Burns Cream 30g


Acriflex Antiseptic Burns Cream 30g2 ,

Acriflex Antiseptic Burns Cream

The antibacterial properties of Acriflex Antiseptic Burns Cream help to soothe and relieve your skin after sunburn, a burn or scald and even infected skin.

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Acriflex Skin Cooling Burns Gel, 30g2 ,
  • Acriflex Skin cooling burns gel is an odourless, non-sticky hydrogel
  • This gel is for application to superficial burns such as may occur in the home, sunburn and dry or irritated skin
  • This patented technology is based on hydro gels which have a strong osmotic force which gives the gel its unique hydrating and microbiological activity
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