Bacterial Vaginosis

Treatment for bacterial vaginosis (BV) . Treatment options for relief of bacterial vaginosis without prescription vaginal gels.


Balance Activ BV Vaginal Pessaries1

Balance Activ BV Pessaries

Balance Activ is clinically proved to treat and prevent Bacterial Vaginosis by restoring normal pH & vaginal flora

  • Pack contains a 1-week treatment (7 daily doses) of easy-to-use vaginal pessaries; mess-free, discreet, and shaped for comfort – ideal for use before bedtime
  • Antibiotic-free – lactic acid and glycogen work naturally to restore normal pH and vaginal flora by encouraging the growth of your body’s lactobacilli, a protective bacterium
  • Fast, effective relief from BV symptoms such as embarrassing odour, abnormal discharge, and discomfort, and helps restore and maintain pH balance after your period, sex, exercising or perspiring
  • Balance Activ Pessaries | Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment for Women | Works Naturally to Rapidly Relieve Symptoms of Unpleasant Odour, Discomfort & Discharge Odour Associated with BV

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Balance Activ Vaginal Bacterial Vaginosis1

Balance Activ Vaginal Gel for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) 

  • Clinically proven to treat and prevent bacterial vaginosis by restoring normal pH and vaginal flora
  • Neutralizes abnormal vaginal odor fast
  • Rapidly relieves vaginal discomfort and abnormal discharge

Balance Activ gel, the BV Gel contains lactic acid, which effectively neutralizes the embarrassing odour and restores the normal pH of the vagina. It also contains glycogen, which provides nutrients to lactic acid bacteria. With normal pH and nutrients, the protective lactic acid bacteria grow and the natural vaginal balance is restored, effectively relieving abnormal discharge and discomfort and stopping the embarrassing odour returning.

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Canesbalance Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Vaginal Gel1

    Canesbalance Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Vaginal Gel

    Canesbalance BV Gel is a triple benefit, 7-day treatment that relieves the symptoms of your BV infection. In just 3 days you can start to see a difference

    •  Canesbalance helps to regulate the pH balance
    • Canesbalance relieves unpleasant odour and abnormal discharge,
    • Canesbalance restricts growth of bad bacteria and supports good bacteria (lactobacillus).
    • Canesbalance is easy to use
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    Relactagel Lactate Vaginal Gel Treat And Prevent Bacterial Vaginosis1
    • Can be used as a BV & Gardnerella treatment or to prevent further BV & Gardnerella flareups
    • Suitable for women of all ages, even during pregnancy
    • Works to rebalance your vaginal flora and pH levels
    • A simple at-home treatment for BV also known as Gardnerella
    • Relactagel Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and Gardnerella Vaginalis Treatment


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