What is Stoptober 2020?

What is Stoptober 2020?

Stoptober 2020 is a 28 day stop smoking campaign run by Public Health England. It started in 2012 and since then it has driven over 1 million quit attempts. It is the biggest mass quit attempt in the country and is based on research that shows if you can stop smoking for 28 days, you are five times more likely to stay smoke-free for good.

StopTober 2020 helping you stop smokingWhy should I stop smoking?

It is especially important this year for you to stop smoking because the coronavirus has such a bad effect on the lungs. The more damaged your lungs are the more likely you are to need ventilation to help you breathe. So now would be a good idea to join thousands of other smokers who will sign up to quit on October 1st.

It is never too late to quit as your health will start to improve immediately. Within 20 minutes your pulse rate will start to return to normal, after 48 hours your body will have flushed out all carbon monoxide and your lungs will start to clear out mucus so your sense of taste and smell will improve.

After one year your risk of a heart attack will have halved compared to a smoker’s, after 10

years your risk of death from lung cancer will also have halved compared to a smoker’s and after 15 years your risk of a heart attack will be the same as

someone who has never smoked. What’s more, research shows that you will be happier than those who continue to smoke.

Why do I find it so hard to give up Smoking?

The main reason you smoke is that you are addicted to nicotine. However, there are now many forms of nicotine replacement (NRT) products and e-cigarettes that can provide you with nicotine without all the dangerous chemicals that are in cigarettes.

NRT provides you with a low level of nicotine which can help reduce the unpleasant withdrawal effects. Types of NRT which can help are skin patches, chewing gum, inhalators, tablets, oral strips and lozenges, and nasal /mouth spray. There is no evidence that one type of NRT is better than another but

there is good evidence that using a combination is more effective than using a single product.

Nicorette product range

I have decided to join Stoptober

Well done. You will give yourself the best chance of success by preparing properly. Once you have picked your quit date to remember to add it to your calendar and follow these tips:

  • List your reasons for quitting so you can read it when you need support.
  • Tell your family and friends you are intending to quit as it is easier with people supporting you. Ask them to check in on you and help distract you if cravings strike.
  • Remember what worked – don’t be put off if you’ve tried to quit You will have learned a lot from that experience. Write down what worked well and keep a record of your progress
  • Use stop smoking aids as they increase your chances of We can help you with this.
  • Have a plan – if you have a potentially stressful event like a wedding or important day at work, think about how to avoid smoking and if you are using NRT or e­ cigarettes make sure you have some with you
  • Change your routine – list your smoking triggers and plan how to avoid them.
  • Keep busy – when cravings come, go for a walk, play a game on your mobile or phone a friend. If you are using NRT or e-cigarettes use then as much as necessary to keep your cravings at bay.
  • Exercise away the urge. Go for a swim, to the gym, or go for a short walk.
  • Learn from others –  join the Facebook group for inspiration, support, and advice

Don’t forget to throw away all your cigarettes and paraphernalia because there is never “just one”.

For more information, support, and /or to get some NRT. talk to one of Dock Pharmacy trained staff.