Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops, 10ml

Quickly relieves redness of the bloodshot eye 

Suitable for Adults and Children over 12 years

Active Ingredients: Naphazoline and Hamamelis Virginiana


  • Relieve redness of the eye caused by minor eye irritations.
  • Cools, Soothes and Calms the redness of bloodshot eyes
  • Restores back normal blood flow in the eyes


  • Relieve redness of the eye caused by minor eye irritations.
  • Cools, Soothes and Calms the redness of bloodshot eyes
  • Restores back normal blood flow in the eyes

Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops, 10ml

Looking for a quick fix for red, tired eyes? Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops provide temporary relief of redness of the eye due to minor eye irritations.

The gentle formula quickly removes redness by its astringent action and restores the normal flow of blood to remove redness, letting you get on with your day.

What causes a bloodshot eye?

The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts on our body and can easily get red and bloodshot from dust, smoke or chlorine in swimming pools. This means that more blood then usual will flow through those small vessels which causes them to stinge as well!

Can someone who is pregnant or breastfeeding use Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops?

Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking this medicine if you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy, suspect you are pregnant or breast-feeding

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What is the price of  Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops?

The price of Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops is £5.49

Where can you buy Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops?

You can buy Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops at Dock Pharmacy Essex UK, UK Online Pharmacy.

Can you buy Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops Over the counter?

This medicine is available to buy over the counter. You do not need a prescription to buy Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops but you might be asked some questions about your medical health when you add it to your basket.

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How To Use

How To Use Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops

Gently squeeze one or two drops into each eye. Repeat as necessary. Do not use more than four times in 24 hours.
Continued use may increase redness of the eye. Do not use the medicine if it changes colour or becomes cloudy.
If you have increased redness of the eye or no improvement after 24 hour

How to apply the drops

To be used in the eye(s) only.
1. Check the seal is not broken before
first use.
2. Wash and dry your hands.
3. Remove the plastic cap from the eye drop
tip. 4. Tilt your head back while seated or lie
down on your back.
5. Gently pull the lower eyelid downwards and look up.
6. Place the tip of the bottle close to your eye.
Squeeze the bottle and let one drop fall into the space between the lower eyelid and the eye. Take care that the tip of the bottle does
not touch your eye, the skin around your eye or your fingers.
7. Close your eye for a moment.
8. When both eyes are to be treated, repeat for the other eye.
9. Replace the cap straight away


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Delivery options

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Product Details

Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops Product Information

Do not use this product if :
• you are sensitive to Hamamelis water, naphazoline, or to any of the ingredients listed in Section 6.
• you have glaucoma, other eye disease or have had eye surgery

• You have taken monamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) in the last 14 days (medicine used to treat conditions such as
Warnings and precautions
Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before using this medicine if you have:
• high blood pressure
• depression
• heart disease
• diabetes
• thyroid disorders
• hardening and narrowing of blood vessels
Or experience eye pain or changes in your eyesight
Taking other medicines
If you are taking any other medicines you should speak to your doctor or pharmacist before using this product, particularly if you :
• are taking digoxin, quinidine or tricyclic antidepressants
• have taken monoamine oxidase inhibitors
(MAOIs) within the last 14 days • are taking antihypertensive (high blood pressure) medication
• are using any other eye treatments
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding speak to your doctor or pharmacist before using this product.
Important information about some of the
ingredients in Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops
This medicine contains 0.0025 mg benzalkonium chloride in each drop. Benzalkonium chloride may be absorbed by
soft contact lenses and may change the
colour of the contact lenses. You should
remove contact lenses before using this
medicine and put them back 15 minutes

Side Effects

Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops Side Effects

Possible side effects
Like all medicines, this medicine can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.

Stop using the product and seek medical help immediately if you experience:
• allergic reactions such as itching or rashes • pain in the eye or change in vision • stinging or irritation in the eye caused by
using too many drops or using them too often
Other side effects may include:
• Eye irritation, eye pain. Continued and excessive use may lead to increased redness of the eye and to developing of other eye conditions.
• nausea
• headache, dizziness
Reporting of side effects
If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor,
pharmacist or nurse. This includes any
possible side effects not listed in this leaflet.
You can also report side effects directly via
the Yellow Card Scheme at:
www.mhra.gov.uk/yellowcard or search for
MHRA Yellow Card in the Google Play or Apple
App Store.


Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops Ingredients

Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops contain the active ingredients Naphazoline and Hamamelis Virginiana. These are present as
Naphazoline Hydrochloride PhEur 0.01% w/v and Distilled Witch Hazel BPC 12.5% v/v.
Other ingredients are Purified Water, Glycerin,
the preservative Benzalkonium Chloride,
Borax and Boric Acid (to balance the pH to
help avoid stinging) and Disodium Edetate

How to Store

How to Store Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops

Keep all medicines out of the sight and reach of children.
Store below 25°C. Do not freeze.
Do not use the drops after the expiry date
(printed on the dropper bottle and carton).
You must throw away unused drops 28 days after first opening the bottle.
The preservative can only keep them sterile in use for a limited time.
Medicines should not be disposed of via
waste water or household waste. Ask your
pharmacist how to dispose of medicines no
longer required. These measures will help
protect the environment

Patient Information leaflet

Click here for Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops Patient Information leaflet

Please read before using the product


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