Herpotherm Cold Sore Treatment And Prevention Device

  • Treat cold sores quickly and effectively
  • Suitable for pregnant women, allergy sufferers, and children
  • Long-lasting alternative to creams and patches
  • Easy and practical to use
  • Dermatologically tested


Acts solely through the effects of concentrated heat

Quick and easy to use | Dermatologically tested

Patented technology


FREE OF CHEMICALSActs solely through the effects of concentrated heatQuick and easy to use | Dermatologically testedPatented technology

Herpotherm Cold Sore Treatment And Prevention Device

Herpotherm is a patented chemical-free medical device that can help you treat cold sores quickly and effectively. It’s easy to use, and it provides instant relief from the burning, tingling, and other symptoms that often accompany these frustrating lesions.

Looking for a cold sore treatment that doesn’t involve any ingredients? Look no further than the long-lasting alternative to creams and patches, Herpotherm Cold Sore Treatment And Prevention Device. This patented medical device is designed to provide localized relief from the symptoms that commonly accompany cold sores, such as itching, burning, tingling, or tightness. Use it to treat active cold sores or to help prevent them from forming in the first place!

It is discreet, easy, and practical to use.

Proven to reduce symptoms by up to 50% and treatment time by two days sooner in comparison with Aciclovir.

Up to 100 uses before you need to replace the battery.

Features of Herpotherm Cold Sore Treatment And Prevention Device:

  • Herpotherm is a dermatologically tested medical device that can prevent the development of cold sore blisters if applied early enough.
  • If this electronic cold sore treatment is applied later, the severity of cold sore symptoms may be lessened, or they may fade sooner.
  • Herpotherm, is an electronic cold sore pen that works solely by concentrated heat and is thus completely free from chemicals. Suitable for allergy suffers and pregnant women.
  • Herpotherm is a discreet and long-lasting alternative to conspicuous cold sore creams, ointments or patches.
  • Herpotherm is suitable for children, for self-administration from 12 years of age – Dermatologically tested.

Clinical Study:

Herpotherm has been tested under using a cohort of 103 patients against topical acyclovir, the ingredient commonly used in cold sore treatment creams. The results showed that localized heat transfer from Herpotherm was more effective in reducing the symptoms of cold sores than acyclovir cream and accelerated the healing time of symptoms by 50%. Study: Wohlrab J, et al., Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology 2013, 6:263-271).

How does Herpotherm Device work?

The herpes simplex virus type 1 survives dormant in the nerve cells. If the skin or immune system is put under stress, the virus can reactivate and cold sores can develop. Topical antiviral medication can normally only shorten an outbreak by just half a day (Spruance et al., Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2002). Creams containing acyclovir also contain other chemical substances, such as preservatives and emulsifiers, in addition to the active substance acyclovir. They are also not very discreet when applied to the lip.

HERPOtherm works on the principle of local hyperthermia (concentrated heat therapy) and is therefore completely free from chemicals. A temperature of approximately 51°C is applied to a small, limited area of skin for 3 seconds. Proteins required for the herpes simplex virus type 1 to multiply are broken down by the heat. Experimental studies suggest that the body’s own enzymes required for wound healing are activated by the application of heat.

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What is the price of  Herpotherm?

The price of Herpotherm Cold Sore Treatment And Prevention Device is £25.49

Where can you buy Herpotherm?

You can buy Herpotherm Cold Sore Treatment And Prevention Device at Dock Pharmacy Essex UK, UK Online Pharmacy.

Can you buy Herpotherm Over the counter?

This device is available to buy over the counter



How to use

  • Herpotherm is very simple to use.
  • First, place the device onto the affected area and gently press it on to the skin.
  • After pressing the button, the ceramic contact surface heats up to approx. 51°C for three seconds, when HERPOtherm then switches off automatically.
  • Leave a treatment interval of at least 2 minutes between each application.
  • Do not exceed a maximum number of 5 applications per hour on the same skin area.
  • Herpotherm should not be applied to an ulcerated area of skin or at the site of a blister that has already burst.

Product Details

Important info

  • 1 x Ultra CR2 battery (replaceable)

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