Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture, 150ml

Helps you get relief from a chesty cough.

Non-drowsy Expectorant

Suitable for Adults and Children over 5 years


  • THEY HELP REMOVE PHLEGM – Chesty coughs are a common symptom of bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema. In these conditions, mucus can build up in the lungs and airways. Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture helps remove phlegm from your chest so you can breathe more easily.
  • MENTHOL HELPS RELIEVE CONGESTION – Menthol is a natural ingredient that helps relieve congestion in chesty coughs and bronchitis.



  • THEY HELP REMOVE PHLEGM - Chesty coughs are a common symptom of bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema. In these conditions, mucus can build up in the lungs and airways. Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture helps remove phlegm from your chest so you can breathe more easily.
  • MENTHOL HELPS RELIEVE CONGESTION - Menthol is a natural ingredient that helps relieve congestion in chesty coughs and bronchitis.

Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture, 150ml

Covonia Chesty Cough mixture provides effective relief of troublesome chesty coughs. Non-drowsy Chesty coughs.

Covonia is a popular brand in the UK that specializes in herbal remedies. Among their most sought-after products are Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture, which helps relieve the congestion and irritation that comes with a chesty cough.

Coughing is sometimes necessary when mucus clogs up our respiratory system. However, when coughing becomes excessive and persistent, it could be a cause for concern. People who have colds or the flu often find themselves coughing excessively due to the irritation that comes with having a chesty cough. The Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture is ideal at helping relieve the congestion and other symptoms that come with this condition.

The mixture also has menthol which helps in providing relief from dry coughs. It contains thyme leaves which are traditionally used in many herbal remedies to provide relief from gastrointestinal problems like cramps, bloating, flatulence and indigestion. It has been known to help treat intermittent fever, bronchitis and pneumonia too since thyme is an antiseptic herb that can help prevent further infection in respiratory conditions caused by bacteria

Benefits of  Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture:

– Relieves chesty coughs
– Non-drowsy formula
– Works in minutes

– Soothe irritated throat and lungs

What is a Chesty Cough?

A cough is a reflex action to clear your airways of phlegm and irritants such as dust. A chesty, productive cough means that this type of producer will help you get better much quicker than one who does not produce enough for their own health needs

What are the symptoms of a chesty cough?

When you’ve got a chesty cough, you may cough up mucus or phlegm.

What Causes Chesty Coughs

Most coughs are caused by a cold or flu.

Other causes include:

  • smoking
  • heartburn (acid reflux)
  • allergies – for example, hay fever
  • infections like bronchitis
  • mucus dripping down the throat from the back of the nose

A cough is rarely a sign of something serious like lung cancer.

When you have a chesty cough, phlegm is produced to help clear your airways

What to do if you have a persistent chesty cough?

Most coughs go away on their own within 3 weeks, and there’s usually no need to see a doctor.
However, if your cough is persistent and you have had it for more than 3 weeks, you should contact your doctor. You should also follow government advice if you have a cough.

Can someone who is pregnant or breastfeeding use Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture?

Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture if you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy, suspect you are pregnant or breast-feeding

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What is the price of  Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture in UK

The price of Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture is £3.99

Where can you buy Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture?

You can buy Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture at Dock Pharmacy Essex UK, UK Online Pharmacy.

Can you buy Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture Over the counter?

Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture is available to buy over the counter.




How To Use

Shake the bottle before use.

Adults, the elderly and children over 12 years: Take 1 or 2 x 5ml spoonfuls every 4 hours if required.

Children 5-12 years: Take 1x 5ml spoonful every 4 hours if required.

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Product Details

Do not use the medicine if you or
your child have….
• An allergy to any of the ingredients listed in
section 6.
• Any type of heart complaint.
• Are an alcoholic.
• Have breathing difficulties.
• Have raised pressure in your head.
• Have heart, liver or kidney problems.

Talk to your doctor if you or your
child are taking….
• Carbenoxolone for a stomach ulcer.
• Medicines which help remove fluids from the
body (e.g. water tablets

Pregnant or breastfeeding….
Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before
using this medicine if you are pregnant, might
be pregnant or are breastfeeding.

Storing this medicine
• Keep it out of the sight and reach of children.
• Do not store above 25°C.
• Do not use after the expiry date shown on the
carton. The expiry date refers to the last day
of that month.
• Medicine should not be disposed of via
wastewater or household waste. Ask your
pharmacist how to dispose of any unused
medicine. These measures will help to protect
the environment.

Patient Information leaflet

Click here for the Patient Information leaflet

Please read before using the product

Side Effects

Like all medicines Covonia Chesty Cough
Mixture can have side effects, although these
don’t affect everyone.
Possible side effects are:
• Allergic reactions such as dermatitis, skin
rash, flushing and itchy lumps.
• Higher sodium salt and water levels within the
• Low blood potassium levels within the body.
Unbalanced potassium and sodium levels may
produce side effects of muscle weakness,
confusion, disorientation, and irregular
• Gastrointestinal reactions such as abdominal
pain, vomiting and diarrhoea.
If you notice these or any other side effect not
included above, stop use and tell your doctor or
pharmacist. They will tell you what to do.
Reporting of side effects
If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor,
pharmacist or nurse. This includes any possible
side effects not listed in this leaflet. You can
also report side effects directly via the yellow
card scheme at:
or search for ‘MHRA Yellow Card’ in the
Google Play or Apple App Store.
By reporting side effects you can help provide
more information on the safety of this


What is in this medicine
The active ingredients per 5ml are:
levomenthol 4mg, squill tincture 0.6ml,
liquorice liquid extract 0.125ml.
The other ingredients are:
peppermint oil, anise oil, capsicum tincture
(capsicum oleoresin, ethanol), syrup (sucrose),
liquid glucose, magnesium aluminium silicate,
sodium methyl, ethyl and propyl
parahydroxybenzoates (E215, E219), glycerol
(E422), caramel (E150c), purified water.


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