Calpol Saline Nasal Spray, 15ml

  • Easy to use gentle nasal spray
  • Relief from blocked nose
  • Suitable from birth, Children & Adults
  • Suitable in Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
  • Natural congestion relief

  • .Easy to use gentle nasal spray
  • Relief from blocked nose
  • Suitable from birth, Children & Adults
  • Natural congestion relief
  • Preservative-free


  • .Easy to use gentle nasal spray
  • Relief from blocked nose
  • Suitable from birth, Children & Adults
  • Natural congestion relief
  • Preservative-free

Calpol Saline Nasal Spray, 15ml

Calpol Saline Nasal Spray gives your little one relief from stuffy noses, helping them breathe more easily. CALPOL® Saline Nasal Spray helps wash away built-up mucus and can be used right from birth.

It is a saline nasal spray that helps unblock the nose and can be used to provide natural relief from congestion.

When your little one has a stuffed-up nose, Calpol Saline Nasal Spray help wash away built-up mucus, helping them breathe more easily.

Calpol Saline Spray helps to unblock the nose, providing natural relief from congestion caused by colds and flu, sinusitis and allergies. And because it’s a simple, natural, non-medicated treatment, you can use it right from birth.

Calpol Saline Nasal Spray can be taken alongside CALPOL® Infant Suspension if pain and fever relief is also needed

Calpol Saline spray is a nasal spray to relieve blocked and irritated nasal passages resulting from symptoms of cold & flu as well as hay fever/allergic reactions. This product is fast and effective in restoring moisture to the nasal passages. Suitable for babies and pregnant women

How often can you use Calpol saline nasal spray?

You can use the drops or spray as often as needed to clear your child’s blocked nose. It can be especially helpful to use them before giving a feed and at bedtime. If using the drops, put one or two drops in each nostril.

What is Saline NasalSpray?

Saline nasal ( sodium chloride nasal ) is a purified gentle salt solution (also called saline). It does not contain any active drug or medicine.

Saline nasal  (for use in the nose) is used to treat stuffy nose, post-nasal drip, dryness inside your nose and nasal passages, or nasal irritation caused by colds, flu, allergies, or pollutants.

Sodium chloride nasal is available in many different forms such as a spray, gel, swab, or powder to be mixed with water and used as a nasal rinse.

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Price of  Calpol Saline Nasal Spray in UK

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How To Use

  1. Read the enclosed leaflet carefully before use.
  2. First Use:
  3. – Do not use if the packaging is damaged before opening.
  4. – Remove the protective cap.
  5. – To make sure your pump is working, test spray into the air before you use it for the first time and whenever you have not used it for a week or more.
  6. – Hold the bottle away from you and press down until you can see a fine mist.
  7. Infants and babies up to 2 years:
  8. – Lay your child down and turn their head to one side.
  9. – Insert nozzle into nostril and press the spray head once.
  10. – Remove nozzle from the nostril and return the bottle to vertical position, pump once to refill the pump mechanism.
  11. – Repeat the application in the other nostril.
  12. Children over 2 years and adults:
  13. – Insert the nozzle into the nostril. Keep the bottle vertical.
  14. – Spray deep into the nostril by pressing the spray head once. It is recommended to breathe in through this nostril while holding the other closed.
  15. – Repeat the application in the other nostril.
  16. How much to use:
  17. Infants and babies up to 2 years: One spray into each nostril as required.
  18. Children over 2 years and adults: One or two sprays into each nostril as required.
  19. After using your nasal spray:

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Product Details


  • WARNINGS: Do not use CALPOL® Saline Nasal Spray if you have known hypersensitivity to sodium chloride or to any of the other ingredients.
  • – One bottle should be used only by the same person as the use of this dispenser by more than one person may spread infection.
  • – If symptoms persist after 14 days, or worsen, or if new symptoms occur, stop use and consult a healthcare professional.
  • For nasal use only.
  • Discard 12 weeks after first opening.


[PR-016807], Aqua, Sodium Chloride (0.8%), Calcium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Preservative-free


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