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Nurofen Plus Tablets 32 Tablets


Nurofen Plus Tablets 32 Tablets , , , ,

Nurofen Plus Tablets  32 Tablets

Nurofen Plus Tablets contains Ibuprofen And Codeine Phosphate Ibuprofen Is A Type Of Medicine Called A Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID).

Age Restriction for use of Nurofen Plus

Use by Adults  and children aged  16 years and over

Nurofen Plus Tablets Contain 12.8mg Of Codeine, Which In Combination With The Ibuprofen, Is Effective At Relieving Mild To Moderate Pain.

Nurofen Plus should only be used for 3 days due to codeine addiction. if you are still in pain, speak to the pharmacist or see your doctor.

Where to buy Nurofen Plus

Nurofen plus is a pharmacy only medicine and it is sold under the supervision of a pharmacist.

Nurofen Plus Ingredients

The ingredients of Nurofen Plus :

Ibuprofen 200mg  and Codeine Phosphate 12.8mg

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