Late Night Pharmacy In Tilbury

Late Night Pharmacy

Dock pharmacy is pleased to offer late night pharmacy services in Tilbury and surrounding areas.

The new service will help patients obtain their prescriptions after visiting the hospital or the Out Of Hours Doctors. Patients will not need to wait until the next day before starting their prescribed medication.

Are you out of your medicines?

If you run out of your medicines when your GP is closed, you can get an emergency supply when you visit the late night pharmacy near you, Dock Pharmacy.

We can help you contact the Out of hours doctor and get a prescription.

If you don’t have a prescription

If you run out of your prescription medicine and you don’t have a prescription with you, in certain circumstances, we can supply you an emergency supply of the medicines. without a prescription.

It’s a good idea to take an old prescription or the medicine’s packaging with you if you have it.

Late Night Pharmacy Hours

Late Night pharmacy near me

Our late night pharmacy hours are as follows:

Monday 11:30 PM

Tuesday 11:30 PM

Wednesday: 10:30 PM

Thursday: 10:30 PM

Friday: 11:30 PM

Saturday: 10:30 PM

Sunday: 10:30 PM

If you have any suggestions about the late night hours, please give the pharmacist manager a call.

Other Services

Although we are a late night pharmacy, all services are still available. Click here

Private Prescriptions are also dispensed at the pharmacy

The pharmacist will always be available for minor ailments and advice.

You can always ask our pharmacist.